Updates for eye care during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis

After careful consideration, to ensure the safety of the public and ourselves, we have decided to operate a reduced service in-store for essential / emergency eye care only, for the next few weeks. This service is available by appointment only. Our industry has a retail aspect, however more importantly we provide essential eye care services. We feel a duty to provide urgent or emergency eye care for those who need it, this will help keep pressure of GPs, A&E and emergency hospital eye care departments.

What counts as essential and urgent eye care? 

  • If your vision has suddenly changed or become blurry 
  • If you have a painful or red eye 
  • If you have been advised by NHS 111 or another healthcare practitioner to seek urgent eye care. 
  • If you have broken or lost your glasses and need a replacement pair to function 
  • If you have a problem with your contact lenses.  


We will initially carry out a complementary virtual consultation (either over telephone or a video call), we will then only see patients in our practice if it is absolutely clinically necessary.  

For appointments and any urgent enquiries please email us at info@chakshu.co.uk or call us on 0203 981 2907 between 12 - 3pm, Monday - Saturday to speak to an optometrist. There is more information available here.

Our online service currently remains active, however delivery will take slightly longer!

We look forward to returning back to normal soon!

Stay safe and healthy!