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Eye Examination


Our adult eye examinations include a thorough health examination, where we will perform a visual field test, take ocular pressure measurements and retinal photographs. Our team of Chakshu optometrists will put you at ease as they talk you through the whole process and make recommendations to you so that you are able to gain the optimum vision. 

Comprehensive Eye Examination


Having invested in the top of the range equipment to be able to detect changes and eye conditions early. Our comprehensive adult eye examinations everything an eye examination would as well as performing an OCT 3D retinal scan. During an eye examination, an Optometrist routinely studies the whole of the eye to look for any sign of abnormalities. With an OCT, we are now able to scan the back of your eye in incredible detail from the top surface of your retina down to the underlying surfaces, not visible to us by other means. OCT is an innovative imaging technique used to obtain high resolution 3D images of your retina. Our state of the art OCT imaging system provides exquisite details of retinal microstructures to assist in early detection & monitoring of various retinal diseases including Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Age Related Macular Degeneration and a great deal more. 

Contact Lens Fitting


With newer technology on the market, more and more people are able to be fitted with contact lenses. Come and speak to one of our optometrists about your contact lens options.

Contact Lens Aftercare


Monitoring and maintaining the health of the front surface of the eye whilst wearing contact lenses is very important. Our state of the art digital slit lamp allows us to examine the front surface of your eye thoroughly, whilst also taking photos to document any changes that may occur. 

Contact Lens Plan

Our contact lens plans are very competitively priced. They make wearing contact lenses as stress free as possible. Join the plan to make use of our exclusive offers only available to contact lens plan members. 

Emergency Appointments 

We know that sometimes emergencies can happen, for this reason everyday we set aside emergency appointment slots. We want to ensure that you get the best care in the fastest possible way and the best course of action is also advised.